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Why does Home brewing smell like rotten eggs during fermentation?

I’ve been brewing a batch that has lager yeast for four days. Through the air lock, it smells like rotten eggs and my bubblier has stop bubbling. Is this a bad sign?
Flavor Vortex, you seem like you know a lot, how can I cool the lager better during such hot temps. Could I get a bag of ice with a towel to lay under the bucket or is it better to just let it ride from here until the bottling.

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  1. Flavor Vortex says:

    That’s mainly just lager yeast and yes it is notoriously eggy in aroma. Those symptoms don’t indicate anything has gone wrong as of yet. Your fermentation typically slows considerably within the first few days (still not done mind you) and like I said lager yeast is just kind of stinky.

    Without proper refrigeration there are a few tricks to employ.

    One of the more common and effective methods is to wrap your fermenter with a wet towel and keep a fan blowing on it. You’ll want to be particularly careful with sanitation but you’ll want to keep the cool air blowing and the towel moist.

    Another method is to build a makeshift refrigerator by boxing in an AC unit or vent with cheap materials and blast the AC.

    Various ice methods would also probably work but I imagine that will require a lot of attention.

    Should you ride it out? Perhaps, the ‘damage’ may already be done and refrigeration can always be a future investment. Live and learn as they say. A hot fermented lager should be drinkable just not particularly awesome.


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